Institute Programme (Sat-Sun)

Institute Schedule


8.30-9: Registrations

9-10: Gathering: Who are we?  What are our questions about dialogic pedagogy?             

10-10.30: Morning Coffee and Tea     

10.30-12.30: Session One

Stream 1 – MBA Space
10.30-11: Brian Edmiston - Mediating activities so that dialogue is more inclusive and conversations are more polyphonic
11-11.30: Jeremy Kedian - Learning in the spaces: Dialogic processes for school leaders
11.30-12.30: Bob Fecho and Trevor T. Stewart (In absentia) - Speaking of Bakhtin: Dialoguing at the Boundary of Academic and Personal Prose

Stream 2 – Waikato Room
10.30-11.30: Eugene Matusov and Ana Marjanovic-Shane - Open Syllabus: Education as Praxis of Praxis
11.30-12: Kineret Yardena - Transforming the ‘Enemy’ Image: Mindfulness Meditation as a Pathway to Dialogue
12-12.30: Kari Søndenå (In absentia) and Mikhail Gradovski  - Applying Bakhtinin understanding of an aesthetic object and chronotope of threshold as a methodological background for analyzing supervisional work

12.30-1.30: Lunch

1.30-3: Session Two

Stream 1 – MBA Space
1.30-2: Jamie Jordan - Dialogic Literacy: Collective Whispers of Dialogue, Laughter and Carnival
2-2.30: Michelle Falter - Dialogue at the Boundaries: The Two-faced Janus of University Supervision
2.30-3:  Bridgette Redder  - The time it takes to get noticed: Infants in early childhood education

Stream 2 – Waikato Room
1.30-2: Dorothy Spiller and Pip Ferguson - Facilitating productive “Teaching Talk”
2-3: Eugene Matusov and Kathy von Duyke (in absentia) - Agency based Education: Diverse approaches to student agency in education (VIDEO PRESENTATION)

3-3.30: Afternoon Coffee and Tea      

3.30-4: Gathering: What questions do we want the panel to address?        

4-4.30 Session Three

Stream 1 – MBA Space
4-4.30: Helen Grimmett - The battle of "Just tell us": Disrupting expectations and getting teachers on board  

Stream 2 – Waikato Room
4-4.30: Marcos Rogério Martins Costa (In absentia) and Patrícia Margarida Farias Coelho - The Written Production and Argumentation: A Didactic Project Based on Bakhtin's Philosophy

4.30-5: Break - Bar opens       

5-6: Panel of presenters from the Bakhtin Conference                                                                                 Eugene Matusov, Rupert Wegeriff, Kiyotaka Miyazaki, Bob Fecho, Jayne White, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Brian Edmiston --  Facilited by Mikhail Gradovski  

6: Barbecuing pedagogy! Join us for a barbecue, drinks, music, dance, magic and dialogue


8.30-9: Registrations

9-10: Gathering: Where are we after a day’s dialogue?        

10-10.30: Morning Coffee and Tea     

10.30-12.30: Session Four

Stream 1 – MBA Space
10.30-11.30: Vanessa Paki, Lorraine Sands, Gill Wright, Jayne White - Answerability and the early years teacher: A problem of seeing?
11.30-12.30: Rupert Wegerif and Sibel Kazak - Some dialogic mechanisms at work when children learn to think 

Stream 2 – Waikato Room
10.30-11.30: Adrian Schoone, Claire Coleman, Esther Fitzpatrick, Jane Luton, Molly Mullen - Critical moments: Possibilities and challenges of working with emerging methodologies -- Critical Research Unit in Applied Theatre
11.30-12: Christine Hatton - Playing in the girl zone:  voice, dialogue and feminism in the drama classroom
12-12.30: Gerard F. Boland - Symmetries of Dialogical Intention in the Epistemological Propositions of Paulo Freire, Baz Kershaw, Dorothy Heathcote and Mikhail Bakhtin

12.30-1.30: Lunch

1.30-3: Session Five

Stream 1 – MBA Space
1.30-2: Lena Geijer - Dialogues for teaching and learning
2-2.30: Peter Rule - The Good Samaritan as diacognition
2.30-3: Christoph Maubach - Searching for consonance: Music education between praxis and inquiry

Stream 2 – Waikato Room
1.30-2: Yardena Kineret - “Journeying Across the Ages”: Re-igniting a Poetic-Historical Connection Between Youth and Elders
2-2.30: Charles Bisley - I never thought you’d become one of us
2.30-3: Mahtab Janfada - Re/constructing Iranian students’ medical identity through dialogic pedagogy Practical examples from my intervention in Iran

3-3.30: Afternoon Tea

3-3.30: Gathering: Where are we now?  Where are we going?  Where might the DPI belong in the Bakhtinian archipelago?  

3.30: Farewell – End of Conference

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