New Zealand Visa


Depending on which country’s passport you hold, you may need a visa to enter New Zealand.  Either book your travel with Orbit Travel when you register -- they will check your visa requirements or check with New Zealand Immigration well before you register for the conference – link to New Zealand immigration website.

United States passport holders can enter New Zealand as a visitor for a maximum stay of three months without a visa but musthave at least one month validity beyond their stay left on their passport.  

Australian passport holders just need a current passport to travel to New Zealand as a visitor.

For many other countries, if you are travelling to New Zealand on business (e.g. to attend a conference, research and negotiate business opportunities, attend interviews with potential New Zealand employers, etc.) and are not receiving any gain or reward during your stay (payment or benefit that can be valued in terms of money, such as board and lodging, goods (eg, food or clothing) and services (e.g, transport)), you must obtain a Business Visitor visa prior to your travel. For a step by step application process, please follow this link
Your application should be submitted to your nearest receiving office. You may find the contact details of your nearest office, as well as calculate the application fee for your application at the New Zealand Immigration website. 

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